The dry dock at Norbury Junction on the Shropshire Union Canal was originally the first of seventeen locks that led down into Newport and beyond. After the closure of the Newport Canal the dry dock was constructed. 
Today the dock is completely covered and enclosed but large windows let plenty of natural light into the building, although adequate artificial lighting is also installed for those darker days! Due to its depth the bostocks (that's the blocks that the boat sits down on to when the water is removed) are about three feet high which allows for easy inspection of the base plate and sit the boat at an ideal level to work at. 
We dock on both Wednesdays and Sundays throughout the year providing a hull blacking service. We can accommodate all steel narrow boats (20 feet to 72 feet, flat, deep vee, shallow vee, semi vee and rounded bottoms). 
Below are some of the works that our experienced engineers can complete to a high standard: 
Pressure washing with 3000psi industrial pressure washer. 
Hull blacking with Bitumen or International Intertuf 16. 
Or we can apply a product supplied by yourself. 
Sand/shot blasting and subsequent application of two-pack epoxy paint. 
Repainting of counter bands. 
Repainting of gunwhale tops and sides. 
Repainting of front return plates. 
Anode replacement. 
Stern gear refurbishment and replacement. 
Skeg and rudder straightening. 
Skeg cup/bottom rudder bearing replacement. 
Top rudder bearing replacement. 
Propeller changes. 
Surveys for Insurance and pre-purchase. 
Hull plating and repairs. 
Bow thruster repairs and installation. 
Liveaboards are welcomed - Easy access to the boat is provided by our specially constructed bridge which reaches out to either the bow or stern of your boat. Free 240V hook-up is provided while the boat is out of the water. 
Norbury Wharf Limited have been providing a comprehensive narrowboat hull blacking service since 2005. 

2024 dock price list 

Docking of one boat, on and off of the dock (for blacking) 
Docking of vee bottom boats (for blacking) 
Docking for survey only (another broker or private sale) 
Docking for survey or emergency repairs (NWL brokerage boat or private boat insurance survey) 
Pressure wash and apply three coats of International Intertuf 16 
£20.00 per foot 
Pressure wash, surface key and apply two coats of two-pack epoxy paint system 
£30.00 per foot 
Pressure washing, sand/grit blasting and apply two coats of 2-pack Epoxy 
£115.00 per foot 
Supply and fit small anode 
£80.00 each 
Supply and fit medium anode 
£85.00 each 
Supply and fit slimline side anode 
£82.50 each 
Supply and fit large anode  
£100.00 each 
Repaint counter bands 
Gunwhale painting in International Intertuf 16 
Gunwhale painting in matt black paint 
£11.50 per foot 
Gunwhale painting in gloss paint 
£13.50 per foot 
Our comprehensive blacking service includes a visual inspection of the following: 
Stern gear 
Rudder assembly 
Chine angles 
Rubbing guards 
We will even run you back to collect your vehicle within a twenty mile radius of Norbury Junction. 
PLEASE NOTE: A minimum charge applies for boats smaller than 40ft. A non-refundable deposit of £100 is required at the time of making a booking. 


If you would like to enquire about our dry dock and blacking services please contact us using the form below: 
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